Stage – General Conditions


Stage is a web service addressed to event organizers (hereinafter “the User”) which allows people, companies and associations to easily and safely self manage the online reservation of tickets for their events, from conferences to commercial fairs, seminars, meetings, concerts, representations or any other event.

Upon registration at the website (hereinafter “the website”), the user accepts the general conditions for the use of all of Stage ’s services (“general conditions”).

The contractual relation between the User and Stage will be understood to be formalised through registration to the website and the parties in the contract are the User and the management company, Stage. In order to be able to use Stage ’s services, the user must be of legal age.

1. Purpose

1.1. Stage offers its users an instrument which provides the possibility of managing events, in addition to the ability to sell tickets and inform about tickets sold in order to facilitate invoicing mechanisms.

Stage will charge the user a commission for the use of the services offered only if the event to which Stage provides support implies a cost for those attending the event (hereinafter, “Attendee”).

The cost of the commission will be for only one amount expressed in Euros (€) in the area of application of this currency, expressed in Sterling Pounds (₤) in the United Kingdom or in US Dollars ($) in the rest of the world, for each Attendee as detailed in the section “Pricing” of the present website.

The total amount will be invoiced to the User alter the event has been celebrated and abased on the cost of the event for the attendee calculated prior to discounts or offers.

The service provided by Stage will have no cost for the User if the event is free of charge for the Attendees.

In the event of the previously described circumstances, the User will be obliged to pay for the services provided.

1.2. The use of the services and content offered at the Website other than that established by Stage requires Stage ’s written consent.

1.3. Stage will use the information provided by the users in compliance with the law. Stage may cancel from its web pages any type of illegal information or information which harms its image or reputation without having to previously inform the affected user.

1.4. The user acknowledges and accepts that it is technically impossible to achieve 100% availability of Stage ’s website. Anyhow, Stage will make the effort to maintain the Website available and without interruptions. The events related with maintenance requirements, security, capacity and/or those which Stage cannot control (interruptions in the communications networks, public power outages and others) may give rise to brief errors or temporary interruptions in the services the consequences and responsibilities of which in no case will be blamed on Stage .

1.5. Stage only provides the user with technical programs and a platform in which it may establish contact with the Attendees. With regard to the content, Stage does not participate in any communication between the Users or of the Users with the attendees. If the users make agreements among each other or with the Attendees, Stage will not be involved in them. Both parties are responsible for the execution and/or compliance with the agreements made by themselves through the use of services made available by Stage without in any event the ability to require Stage to be responsible for any result, compliance of obligations or responsibilities derived from the event.

Stage is not responsible in the event the users cannot contact each other in relation to said agreements. In the event of a possible non compliance of said agreements, Stage will not assume any type of responsibility.

1.6. Stage is not responsible for the use given by the user of the provided service or of the use of the information or data obtained from this through the use of Stage ’s services.

2. Registration, representations and guarantees regarding registration

2.1. The User guarantees that all data provided at the time of registration are exact, real, true and integral.

2.2. The User guarantees that he/she is of legal age at the time of registration.

2.3. The User will choose a password at the time of registration and will be obliged to save said password.

2.4. It is technically impossible for Stage to determine with certainty if a user registered at Stage is, in fact, the person he/she claims to be. Therefore, Stage assumes no responsibility for the veracity or accuracy of the data provided by each User. Each User or Attendee is solely responsible for verifying the identity of the other User.

2.5. The address for notifications of the User for the purposes of the services provided by Stage or for the purposes of registration will be understood as the e-mail address provided by the User at the time of registration.

3. User’s obligations

3.1. The User undertakes to:

3.1.1. Provide only true statements in the User profile and in communications with other users or attendees.

3.1.2. Comply with all legislation in effect and respect all rights of third parties. The user: (a) Will not use any content which insults or defames, whether or not said content is addressed to Stage personnel, its users, attendees or third parties. (b) Will not use pornographic materials or any other content which violates any legislation in effect or damages Stage ’s image. © Will not cause discomfort (particularly with Spam) to any other User, Attendee or third party. (d) Will not use, without the corresponding authorisation, any content protected by law (brands, patents or any other property protected under the standards in effect related to industrial or intellectual property) nor any content which announces, promotes, offers or distributes any merchandise or service protected by law. (e) Any commercial practice considered unjust or illegal is prohibited, including progressive practices for acquiring clients (such as distribution chain systems, multiple level sales or pyramid sales).

3.1.3. Not carry out any action which may be considered bothersome, independently of whether or not it constitutes a violation of current legislation.

4. Changes in Stage ’s web services

Stage reserves the right to modify without prior notice the services offered at the Website and/or offer services other than those offered at the time of registration provided that this does not cause harm to the user.

5. Withdrawal from the service

5.1. The user may withdraw at any time without any explication. The user may request withdrawal at any time through the mechanism available for such purpose at the Website.

5.2. Stage may remove at any time and without prior notice any User who does not comply with the legal requirements or use of the service.

Likewise, Stage may remove any User who uses the services for an event which results unacceptable for Stage prior communication to the user. In the event this occurs, Stage will not continue to offer the service to the user in question.

Reasons for which a User may be removed unilaterally by Stage includes, but is not limited to: the User does not comply with the legal provisions in effect; the user does not comply with a contractual obligation or with an obligation provided in the present general conditions; the reputation or image of the services offered at the Website is damaged by the presence of the User in question; the User promotes communities or associations (or any of its methods or activities) which are under watch or subject to the authorisation of the authorities, those responsible for public security or the protection of minors; the user causes harm or bothers any other User or Attendee; the User or the Event for which Stage ’s services are used harm the public image or reputation of Stage or Stage ’s managing company.

The User acknowledges Stage ’s right to remove it in these events or any other similar event through communication to the e-mail address provided upon registration.

Stage acknowledges the user’s same right in Clause 5.1.

5.3. In the event of any circumstance included in section 5.2., in addition to terminating the contract between Stage and the user, in accordance with section 5.2 of the present General Conditions, Stage reserves the right to suppress any content regarding the user, to publish a warning and to block the user’s access to the services of the Website.

6. User’s responsibility for the content, data and any other information

6.1. Stage does not guarantee nor does it represent in any regard any data, information, service or product provided by its users, whether on the Website or on any other external page related with the user. Stage cannot guarantee that the data and/or information given in the pages of its users are true or exact. Stage is also not responsible for the compliance with their particular obligations.

6.2. The Users may notify about any activity of any other User which violates the law, the terms or the spirit of Stage ’s General Conditions or of the present contract. For such purposes, they may use the contact form available at the Website.

6.3. Any responsibility, obligation or claim derived from actions which arise from these actions will be completely assumed by the user and in no case may responsibility by attributed to Stage for the content provided by the Users.

Stage is not responsible for the content provided by the Users nor does it assume any obligation to monitor the content provided by these.

Stage assumes the obligation to eliminate any content which infringes the law or third party rights when such violation is notified and after its veracity has been verified.

7. Stage ’s Responsibility

The legal claims against Stage or its collaborators for harm caused to users will only be assumable in the event of severe negligence or non compliance of its contractual obligations with the users.

In no case will Stage or its managing company be responsible for any derivative of the relation between the User with the event’s attendees.

The User acknowledges through registration at the website that Stage is a mere instrument and is not part, nor representative, nor does it lead or have any role in its legal relation with the attendee.

The attendee to this event acknowledges in turn that, through its use of the Stage platform, it is making use of a mere instrument and that Stage has no role in its contractual relation with the event organizer.

8. Indemnity

8.1 The user will indemnify for any damage and will exempt Stage from any responsibility, including demands for damages by third parties, derived from any infraction or violation of rights caused by its activity or the content placed by the user on the Website. The user will be responsible for all costs which may be charged or which may be caused to Stage for the action of the user by not complying with any third party right or legal obligations, including all legal expenses, costs or claims or any of those which are intended for such purposes.

8.2 In the event that the content added by the User to the website infringes any third party right, the user, under its complete responsibility, must obtain permission to use said content or stop using it on the Website. In the event the User infringes third party rights by using the services of Stage ’s web pages, it must stop using the material which infringes the law.

Any responsibility, obligation or claim derived from actions which arise from these actions will be completely assumed by the user and in no case may responsibility by attributed to Stage for the content provided by the Users.

9. Data protection

The data provided by the User will be handled confidentially and exclusively for the purpose of managing the service provision relation with the User and to promote the activities of Stage or its managing company in the terms contained within Stage ’s .

The User’s personal data are requested in the User’s registration. These personal data are obligatory, for which in the event such data are not provided, Stage reserves the right at its discretion to not provide the service requested.

The data provided which are not exact, are incomplete or are no longer pertinent for the purposes for which they were provided and/or authorised will be eliminated or blocked in accordance with the current legislation.

In accordance with the current legislation, the User may revoke the consent given, as well as exercise the rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose through the mechanisms detailed in the section corresponding to Privacy and Protection of Data of the present website.

10. Final clauses

10.1. These conditions and any amendment must be made in writing in order to be valid. There are no secondary agreements.

10.2. Stage reserves the right to modify these terms at any time and without justification provided that the user is not affected.

Stage will notify any change related with these terms. The user may, before any change in these terms and conditions, terminate the contract and request removal from Stage ’s service.

10.3. The user may contact Stage via the e-mail provided at the Website or may contact Stage ’s managing company Linking Paths S.L., located at Arrandi 33, 48901 Barakaldo, Bizkaia Spain, TIN number B-95389672, and registered in the Commercial Registry of VIZCAYA (Avda. Madariaga, 24-48014 BILBAO), Volume 4612, Book 0, Page 41, Sheet BI-43865, Registration 1 whose address for notification purposes is C/ Ayala Nº104 28006 Madrid, Spain.

10.4. If any provision of these terms is, for any reason, invalid or inapplicable, the remaining provisions will continue to be valid and executed in the maximum degree allowed by law. Both parties agree that such invalid or inapplicable clause will be substituted by another valid provision which is as similar as possible to the inapplicable clause and with respect to the spirit of the present contract.

The same terms will be applicable in the event of contractual voids.

10.6. The parties in this contract agree that in the event of any conflict the applicable jurisdiction will be the courts and tribunals of Madrid.

10.7. The present Legal Notice is ruled in each and every one of its provisions by Spanish law