Linking Paths, S.L., with company domicile located at Arrandi 33, 48901 Barakaldo, Bizkaia Spain, TIN number B-95389672, and registered in the Commercial Registry of VIZCAYA (Avda. Madariaga, 24-48014 BILBAO), Volume 4612, Book 0, Page 41, Sheet BI-43865, Registration 1 is fully committed at all times to the protection of data which due to the use of the website is provided in accordance with on the current legislation.

The handling of personal data will be gathered in automated files which are rationally used for the correct provision of services by Stage and which will be the responsibility of Linking Paths, S.L.

Linking Paths, S.L. undertakes to comply with all obligations which are legally required in relation with the handling, conservation, registry, accessibility or any other obligation in effect at all times.

The data required from each user will be those necessary for the functions required by the Website, and these will not be available to any third party nor announced at the Website, except with the user’s express authorisation.

For these purposes and for the purposes of data protection, “users” will be understood as both the providers of services through the Website at the time of their registration at the same and the users registered at the time an event is organised as well as the persons who aren’t registered as event organizers but who make use of the Website

The User grants express, free and unmistakable consent to the gathering and handling of his/her data by Linking Paths, S.L., as well as express, free and unmistakable consent for the transfer of his/her data to all national and international companies of the group, including but not limited to affiliates, branches and other establishments. Such data cannot at any time be sold or transferred to third parties outside the Linking Paths, S.L. organisation.

The user expressly accepts that Linking Paths, S.L. uses its servers to store his/her data in its own servers or in those of the company in charge of storing its systems. Linking Paths, S.L guarantees the users that this company does not have permission nor is it technically possible for it to access the content of the servers provided by Linking Paths, S.L. Nonetheless, said company may vary at any time without it being necessary in the event of such change for it to be communicated to the user.

Linking Paths, S.L. acknowledges at any time and to any user the legally acknowledged rights to the access, rectification, cancellation or opposition through the mechanisms provided in *Stage*’s web application, and in its defect, through contact with the managing company of, .

In particular, Linking Paths, S.L. provides the registered users with a mechanism at the website to erase their data automatically from the files.

Linking Paths, S.L. will use the personal data exclusively for the purposes for its activity and in its range of products. The user, upon providing his/her data, grants express, free and unmistakable consent to the gathering and handling of his/her data for such purposes as well as to improve the service, send notifications, publicity for products and services, announcements, offers and, in general, commercial information of interest related with the goods and services offered through the website or any other website or group company to which Linking Paths, S.L. belongs.

In no event will the personal data be sent to third parties for publicity or promotional purposes except with the user’s express consent.


Linking Paths, S.L. guarantees and acknowledges the confidentiality of all information provided by the users when using the applications available at its websites and therefore, Linking Paths, S.L. undertakes to not reveal in any event such data to third parties and not use them, directly or indirectly, for purposes other than those established in the general conditions, in the legal notice and in the present privacy and data protection policy.

Linking Paths, S.L. will provide all existing technical means at all times and the greatest diligence in order to guarantee all users the correct management of the access keys to both its own databases as well as the data of each client’s applications.