Pay just the fair fee. No more.

1 € / $ / £ per ticket sold
Forget about complicated equations and unfair variable fees.
Each time you sell a ticket, we get 1 euro, dollar or pound*
That's all.

  • Fixed cost

    Others charge you with some % of the collected money, while Stage is a fixed cost per ticket sold

  • Why?

    Because we don't think we should be more expensive just because you collect more money for your event. We think we are more fair this way.

  • Currency

    We'll charge in your ticket's currency. If the currency is different from dollars, euros or pounds, we'll charge you in US dollars.


  • Example 1:
    Ticket type A costs 200$
    Ticket type B costs 300$
    You sell 250 tickets
    Stage gets 250$
  • Example 2:
    Each ticket costs 3000€
    You sell 250 tickets
    Stage gets 250€
  • Example 3:
    Each ticket costs 5000¥
    You sell 250 tickets
    Stage gets 250$

0 € / $ / £ per ticket sold
You don't have to pay anything if your event is free.
No matter how many tickets you deliver, the cost for you will be 0.

   * plus taxes if applicable.